Monday, December 21, 2015

Pro-Line Racing Pro 2 On Road Build - Front end, Chassis, & Mid Motor - PT1

Let start off the Pro-2 On Road build with a couple of upgrades along with a little discussion about some custom work that may be happening to this SCT.

First off i decided to start assembling some of the Proline Racing Pro-2 the other night. This included the entire front suspension setup and front bumper as well as a few upgrades. Those upgrades being the Carbon Fiber Front shock tower brace, and the Blue Aluminum Steering Casters.

I also went a head and installed the new aluminum steering assembly. As this should eliminate any flex from the steering and provide a more responsive steering when driving the truck. The only down side to installing this sort of upgrade is that i will be loosing the steering/servo saver that is found on the stock plastic steering assembly. As the aluminum one dose not come with a steering/servo saver. Looks like ill need to just be a little more careful when driving this truck around! Hahaha.

After finishing the assembly of the entire front half of this truck. I decided to start thinking about the customization that i was considering on performing to this truck in the the rear end. One of the ideas that i have is to, completely rotate the transmition a complete 180 degrees. This will allow the motor to be in the front of the transmition (Mid Set up).
In theory this should technically allow for less weight to be positioned further back and should allow the truck to be better at drifting wile still maintaining proper speed stability when either racing or drag racing.

If you have any ideas of your own or have a recommendation for this truck feel free to leave me a comment in the "Comments section" below.

Accessories / Parts Used in this Video
Proline Pro-2 SCT -

Aluminum Front Caster Blocks -

Front Carbon Fiber Shock Brace -

Aluminum Steering Assembly -

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