Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pro-Line Racing Pro-2 SCT Unboxing - On Road Custom Build Series

Check it out a new Build Series!!!! But its not what you think its gonna be!

I have ordered up a brand new Pro-Line Racing Pro-2 Truck, along with a bunch of upgrades from Pro-Line. For one sole purpose... To make this short course truck, an on road racing, drifting, and drag racing super star! ;)

That's right! We are taking a short course truck and going to transform it into the complete opposite of what it was originally designed for. A lot of the upgrades that i had purchased from Pro-line racing, was strictly to help improve the suspension and stiffness of the chassis for on road racing. I am planning on purchasing a highly powerful brushless motor as i want this truck to rip! their will also me other things installed like a smoke machine, LEDS, and possibly a wheelie bar. Their will also be other little things that i will be doing to this truck overall that will be very cool and may give you some ideas for things to do on your own trucks.

I hope you all look forward to this build series as I'm totally stoked to see the end result of this as well! Feel free to subscribe to stay up to date will all of my videos including this build series!

Pro-Line Racing Parts List (Parts featured in this video)
Pro-line -

1172-14 Road Rage 2.8"  -

3457-00 Chevy Silverado Pro-Touring Body -

4001-00 Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance SCT 2WD Kit -

6063-03 Spring Assortment for PRO-2 SC Front  -

6063-04 Spring Assortment for PRO-2 SC Rear -

6067-01 PRO-2 Aluminum Steering Rack -

6109-00 PRO-2 Carbon Fiber Front Shock Brace -

6109-01 PRO-2 Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Brace -

6255-00 Blue Aluminum Front Caster Block -

6261-00 Pro-Line HD Performance Transmition -

6261-01 Pro-Line HD Diff Gear Replacement -

6264-00 Upgrade PRO-MT Aluminum Rear Hub -

6269-00 PRO-2 Front Aluminum Sway Bar -

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