Friday, January 15, 2016

3Racing Sakura D4 AWD Build - Battery Tray Install & Complete Rolling Chassis - PT7

The Sakura D4 Is finally complete! Well. the Chassis Is anyways! ;)

Come check out the last video on how to assemble the Sakura D4 AWD Kit. I show you how to install the front and rear bumpers as well as install the battery tray. However i did find a small problem with the battery tray were i discovered you need longer screws then what was supplied. But no big deal... that's why theirs always a parts tray next to me for situations like this!

Even with all the difficult moments wile building this car. It was non the less a great experience for me! I am totally stoked to start getting the electronics into this rig as well as get some custom accessories put on! Then and only then will i be ready to start drifting! ;)

I hope you all learned a few things in this video and the previous videos! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! I will provide a full parts list below of the car itself and all the aluminum / carbon fiber accessories i installed on on this beautiful looking drift car!

Special thanks goes out to the Radio Control Network and AsiaTee's!

Parts List -

Sakura D4 AWD Kit -

Aluminum Rear Knuckles -

Aluminum Front Tensioner -

Aluminum front shock tower -

Aluminum Rear shock tower -

Boom Racing Carbon Fiber Chassis -

Boom Racing Carbon Fiber Upper Deck -

Boom Racing Front Aluminum Control Arms -

Boom Racing Rear Aluminum Control Arms -

Maxamps 2s 6500MAH 150c Lipo Battery -

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