Tuesday, January 5, 2016

3Racing Sakura D4 AWD Build - Drivetrain Assembly & Install - PT2

Its officially 2016 and were moving right along with the Sakura D4 Drift Build Series!

In today's video I show in detail how to assemble the front and rear differential assemblies, as well as installing the belts and spur gear. However you will notice near the end of the video i ran into some installation difficulties wile assembling the spur gear and center pulley gears. Unfortunately i did not show that in the video as the video was already exceeding 20 mins long and i did not want to boar everyone. But non the less i took some time to figure it out and got everything installed and working just fine! I guess not everything can go easy especially on camera! ;)

The Sakura D4 Awd uses plastic differential gear in their kit as well as the spider gears are also plastic. This should not be a problem as their really wont be much, if any resistance in the drivetrain from the car constantly sliding.

If their was one upgrade that i would recommend looking into would be the front and rear bulkhead assemblies. The plastic seems to flex a little bit, witch i can see causing problems over time. But we will see once I start drifting this setup around!

Special thanks to Radio Control Network and AsiaTees!

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3 Racing Sakura D4 Awd Kit - http://www.asiatees.com/display?3Racing-Sakura-D4-AWD-Parts-Hop-Ups-Upgrades&brand=3Racing&model=Sakura+D4+AWD&id=108582&pid=1

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