Monday, January 11, 2016

3Racing Sakura D4 AWD Build - Front Knuckles & Upper Control Arm Install - PT5

Its almost time to make this Sakura D4 a rolling chassis! Let get into this build with some front end work!

In this video i show how to assemble the front end of the Sakura D4 AWD kit. I show how to assemble the upper control arm as well as the front knuckles! Their are a couple of things to keep in mind when installing the front end.  The aluminum (Upgraded) front knuckles have three wholes on top verses the stock plastic knuckle only having one whole, to make different adjustments. However the inner most whole will allow the pivot ball to sit completely flush on the aluminum knuckle. The other two screw wholes will not.

This kit also dose come with a special tool to help make your upper control arm adjustments a lot easier. I will admit, it wasn't easy installing the adjustment screw in the the upper control arm.  but when it is started and installed you can finish turning the adjustment screw into the arm the rest of the way with the use of the tool that is provided in the kit.

If you have any questions regarding this setup feel free to let me know!

Sakura D4 AWD Kit -

Front aluminum Knuckles - ( At this time the Boom Racing Pink Aluminum Front Knuckles are not available.)

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