Saturday, January 9, 2016

3Racing Sakura D4 AWD Build - Shock Towers & Belt Pully Issue -PT3

Today i go over how to assemble the shock towers for both the front and rear of the Sakura D4, as well as some information about the tensioner that is in the front of the Sakura D4 AWD.

The shocks them selves are extremely straight forward. Just make sure that you pay attention to the mounts for both the back and front of the Sakura D4, and don't mix them up. Otherwise they will not install on the car correctly. Also note that it may be easier, like i mentioned in the video. To go a head and install the upper deck and front belt tensioner before installing the shock towers. As this will allow you to remove the front differential front the bulkhead allowing the tension front the belt to be released as you install the front tensioner.

Their is also one thing everyone with the AWD setup should note. As mentioned in the video their seems to be a slight problem with the plastic tensioner. It seems as if the belt is too tight for the plastic set up. As the tension from the belt seems to pull excessively on the front tensioner causing it to bend and making the belt fall off every time the drive train is spun. The only solution i have come up with, is installing an aluminum tensioner. As this will help prevent any movement from the tension of the belt on the pulley and will help keep everything inline.

*****I also wanted you to know, that the Differentials also have an adjustment on themselves for the tension of the belt. Mine are set to the looses possible tension!*****

Stay tuned more of the Sakura D4 build series coming up soon!

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