Friday, January 29, 2016

Blade 120SR Micro RC Helicopter Maiden Flight

Last week i had an opportunity to take out my Blade 120SR Micro helicopter before the snow storm hit!

Their was not much wind that day, and i figured it would give me the opportunity in my backyard to learn how this thing fly's and handles.

In the beginning of the video i had some troubles with a possible bad battery. I had charged it completely before this flight however after figuring a few things out i discovered it didn't take a charge what so ever. So i put in my second battery and off we went!

After swapping the batteries out it was an absolute blast! Even tho any little bit of wind made the flying difficult... it was still very enjoyable! even got it to land back on the table safely at one point! haha.

Well i hope you all enjoyed my first flight in several years and the Blade 120SR maiden voyage!

 Be sure to stick around! Their is going to be more helicopter videos coming soon!

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