Monday, January 18, 2016

STRC Off Axle Servo Mount / Panhard Bar For The Axial SCX10

I took some time today to focus on my SCX10 Jeep that has been a back burner project for almost a year now. However today i will show you the New Axial SCX10 Off Axle Servo Mount / Panhard Bar Kit from STRC That i just installed.

Before i discuses further, I want it to be known that my Axial SCX10 Suspension and drivetrain setups are not even close to the factory setups. I am Running 100MM Shocks as well as SSD Axles! The STRC Panhard bar kit did install and works wells within my setup however it was designed around a stock Axial SCX10.  As you will see within the video the whole setup works surprisingly great, however because of my 100MM shock height and SSD axles, the Panhard Bar kit dose run into some very minor issues.

I want to mention to all of you, what you will receive within this kit.... You will receive two Aluminum Chassis Rail Servo Mounts, A CNC Machined Aluminum Panhard link mount, Aluminum Steering extension spacer, Harden Steel black oxide panhard rod, and an Aluminum Suspension Link as well as all the necessary hardware.

*****You will need to have either some extra rod ends for the panhard bar itself or you can also order up Axials AX80005 rod ends.****

This kit again was designed around a stock height and stock Axial SCX10 setup. The biggest differences with my setup that you will notice in the video, is that i had to Keep the four link control arm instead of using STRC's 3 link setup design. This was mostly due to the way SSD creates theirs axle housing.  I EVEN TRIED TO USE SSD'S 3 LINK SUSPENSION SETUP AND WOULD NOT WORK! The other setup that i had to change on mine was the fact i couldn't install my servo using the lower mounting wholes. Instead i had to lower my servo to the top two wholes because of my extra ride height. it created a binding effect that created a bump steer response in the steering assembly.

However even though my setup inst exactly like STRC's way of installing their kit. It still works extremely well and will work even better on a stock suspension system from an SCX10. I'm extremely excited to see how well it all works when it comes time to journey out with the SCX10 after everything is all said and done!

Here is Team STRC's Description of thier product!
"CNC Machined Aluminum Off-Axle Servo Mount/Panhard + STA30516 Steering Combo Kit for SCX10 (Black)

This is one of the best upgrade to improve the scale realism of your SCX10 by removing the large and visible steering servo off the axle pumpkin and on to the chassis, which will give your SCX10 a vastly improved realistic look.  The 3mm heat treated steel black oxide panhard rod runs across from the knuckle kingpin to a specially design panhard mount on the other side of the chassis rail.  The tapered single suspension links provide the necessary clearance for suspension travel.  This design is simple and yet very effective.  Comes with the following components:

CNC Machined Aluminum Chassis Rail Servo Mount (L) x1
CNC Machined Aluminum Chassis Rail Servo Mount (S) x1
CNC Machined Aluminum Panhard link mount x1
CNC Machined Aluminum Steering extension spacer x1
Harden Steel black oxide panhard rod x1
CNC Machined Aluminum Suspension Link x 1
All neccessary hardware

This combo kit will include our aluminum STA30516 steering kit and all necessary hardware for this kit.  It will still require a set of AX80005 rod ends to complete assembly.  Does not work with STA30502L lift kit."

****All pictures Used within this video were used directly from Team STRC Website for edicational purposes! STRC Owns all pictures associated within this video . (All Rights Reserved STRC)****




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