Tuesday, February 2, 2016

HPI Baja 5B Build Off - Complete Front End & Transmission Update - PT3

After a very difficult month in January, with this build and getting parts in. I was finally able to get a few things put together on this HPI Baja 5B.

The front end has been completely rebuilt will all new hardware and Acer Racing ceramic bearings. We also went a head, and installed RPM white control arms. However at the moment we are still undecided about whether or not to keep the control arms white or change them to something else. Either way, later on when the truck is almost fully built we will be able to decide better what we want to do with the control arms. We also installed some new GPM Racing Aluminum knuckles and upper aluminum shock tower to add overall strength and looks. The last part of the front end rebuild was the shocks. Bret and i decided to leave the stock shocks on the truck as they were not in too bad of shape, and they still went well with the overall theme of the truck. So instead of replacing them we chose to replace the old rusted springs and replace all of the O-rings inside and put some new shock fluid in.

Next was the tear down, clean out and rebuild of the transmission assembly. All of the gears inside are still the stock gears. However i did go a head and clean out all of the old grease and replace the differential fluid inside with a medium of 5000 weight diff. fluid. Again we also replaced all of the bearing with Acer Racing ceramic bearing inside of the Transmission as well as replaced the case to beef it up a bit with GPM's aluminum transmission housing.

Also in the mean time of doing all of this work i also started the process of stripping the chassis and other aluminum parts to get rid of the old worn down gun metal paint on them. In turn we will be polishing up the aluminum chassis for a nice shine later this coming month.

Stick around theirs a whole lot more goodies to come next!

Parts used in this video -
-GPM Aluminum transmission housing - http://www.asiatees.com/display?HPI-Baja-5B-RTR/5B-SS/5T-Parts-Hop-Ups-Upgrades&brand=HPI&model=Baja%205B%20RTR/5B%20SS/5T&id=23903&pid=1

-GPM Front knuckles - http://www.asiatees.com/display?HPI-Baja+5B+RTR%2F5B+SS%2F5T-Parts-Hop-Ups&brand=HPI&model=Baja+5B+RTR%2F5B+SS%2F5T&id=27179

-GPM Front shock tower - http://www.asiatees.com/display?HPI-Baja-5B-RTR/5B-SS/5T-Parts-Hop-Ups-Upgrades&brand=HPI&model=Baja%205B%20RTR/5B%20SS/5T&id=27182&pid=1

GPM Front Shock Tower Supports - http://www.asiatees.com/display?HPI-Baja-5B-RTR/5B-SS/5T-Parts-Hop-Ups-Upgrades&brand=HPI&model=Baja%205B%20RTR/5B%20SS/5T&id=27181&pid=1

-RPM Front Control Arms - http://www.asiatees.com/display?HPI-Baja-5B-RTR/5B-SS/5T-Parts-Hop-Ups-Upgrades&brand=HPI&model=Baja%205B%20RTR/5B%20SS/5T&id=52289&pid=1

-Acer Racing Ceramic Bearing Kit -http://www.acerracing.com/ball_bearings/HPI_BAJA_Ceramic_Bearing_Kit-1134-11.html

Follow along with are YouTube Competitior DarkSharkz with his HPI Baja SC Build - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCtwFgu-CTD7hlAqMCSlU3w

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