Monday, March 21, 2016

Horizon Hobby Blade Chroma Camera Drone Unboxing

Lets unbox the Blade Chroma Camera Drone from Horizon Hobby!

*****Please note, that at the time of this filming... Horizon hobby had not discontinued this kit. However several days later.....on the day of posting this video..... Horizon hobby as of 3/21 has discontinuance this kit with the 1080p camera. They still have the GoPro option and 4k option currently. No word as to if and when this Chroma with the 1080p will be back.*******

I'm totally excited to have my own camera drone now as i will finally be able to add more features to my videos by providing a whole new outlook with radio control cars and trucks. However I'm not only going to use it for filming RC's but I'm looking into making areal videos for fun and entertainment as well!

This chroma drone comes with the 1080p on board camera the projects a live image to the transmitter. Witch will be extremely helpful when trying to figure out the best shots to film with this drone. It also has a ton of other great features, like return to home button, follow me, camera adjustments, GPS, Altitude, and areal speed. If you want to know more about this drone and the other versions available head over to horizon hobby and read all about it.

Their are still a few places left on the web were you can still get your hands on this 1080p chroma. The links are below!

Horizon hobby chroma camera drone with 1080p camera -

Click here to order up the last remaining Chroma's with 1080p -

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