Friday, March 18, 2016

Pro-Line Racing Pro-2 SCT Drift Truck Electronics Overview - [Video]

We finally have all of the Electronics loaded up in this insane Proline Pro-2 Drift Truck!

With the help of RCJUICE.COM I was able to install a massive 120A ESC to power are 2600kv brushless motor all while running on 3s lipo’s. This ESC is capable of producing a burst current of 760A’s. It’s also capable of going up to a 6s lipo battery. However we won’t be exceeding 3s anytime soon at least this ESC will allow us this option if we ever so choose to go this route. Haha.

The Brushless motor has a max RPM of 50,000. Witch will allow us to produce a lot of low end torque and in turn allow the truck to spin up its tires without hesitation in order to drift!  Both the ESC and motor are made by a company by the name of Hobby Star Labs. Which is a budget friendly alternative for your electronics.
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The Steering servo I decided to put into this truck is a Spektrum S6240    . It produces .08 sec transit time and also produces 208 oz of torque. Which is more then we will need out of a truck like this. But it’s always good to be safe than sorry!

The last part is the MaxAmps 6500MAH or 4000MAH 3s Lipo Batteries that I will be running in this truck. Both are capable of producing 150C discharge. The 6500MAH is much heavier then the 4000MAH. So we will see which one will work better in the truck depending on its weight and how it handle’s with each setup!
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Hobby Star Labs –
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120A ESC –

2600kv Brushless Motor – –

Spektrum S6240 Steering Servo - -

6500MAH HardCase 3s Lipo -

4000MAH SoftCase 3s Lipo -

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