Friday, April 8, 2016

ECX Torment 2wd Transmission and Driveshaft Upgrades

In today's episode, were tear down the entire ECX Torment Short Course Truck in order to do some serious upgrading!

But to start off the upgrades. We went ahead and installed some ECX harden steel Transmission gears in order to take the abuse of a brush less motor setup. The ECX Harden steel transmission gears do come pre-greased from the factory. So theirs no need to add any into the differential unless you want to put your own diff fluid in yourself.

Next i show you real quick the new Hot Racing Harden Steel drive shafts, and how they will look on the truck. However we don't have any of the suspension installed, at least it will give you an idea for now!

ECX Torment 2wd SCT -

Hot Racing Steel drive Shafts -

ECX 2WD Harden Steel Trans Gears -

ECX 4WD Drive Shafts -;c=901

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