Friday, April 1, 2016

Horizon Hobby ECX Torment 2wd SCT Build V2

This build will focused around some of the basic upgrades that you can do on your ECX Torment or other ECX trucks.

Check it out as many of you have requested over this winter, It is finally time for me to show you some basic upgrades and recommendations for your ECX trucks! In this video serries im using my ECX Torment for the build. However most of the ECX lineup uses a lot of the same parts and basic upgrades. So this wont just be focus around the torment per say. But focus on the ECX lineup as a whole.

Now understaindably the ECX trucks are extremly cheap in comparison to most other brands out thier. However from my own experience and opinion these are great bigger style trucks that not only let you learn how to drive and operate RC trucks in general but will also teach you how to work on your own trucks as they are very basic to work on.

Also, the trucks are extremely durable as you can see from some of my own bashing videos. To check them out click the links below!

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