Wednesday, May 4, 2016

ECX Torment - Recommended Suspension Upgrades Using RPM Plastics!

Today I show you how to install some of the best Suspension bashing upgrades to use for your ECX trucks!

From my experience i personally love using RPM plastic suspension parts for anything that i am doing. the reason for this is because all of their parts are made to withstand the everyday punishment, use basher do to our trucks. Not only that but the price for most of these parts are unbelievable cheap.

Check out the video for some great advice on how to install the control arms, knuckles, and hubs to your ECX truck as well as what your gonna need to finish putting all the pieces together.


RPM Front Control Arms -
RPM Rear Control Arms -
RPM Rear Hubs -
RPM Front Knuckles -
RPM Front C Hubs -
RPM Steering Rack -
5X11 Bearings ( Total of 8 Req.) -
Traxxas Rear Toe Links -
Traxxas Front Toe Links -
Traxxas Front Steering Links -

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