Friday, May 27, 2016

HPI Baja 5B Competition Build Overview

The Hpi Baja 5B is finally nearing completion! Check out what I have done in the last few months as we get ready to wrap this project up and show dirt whose boss!

*Currently we are still waiting for more parts to arrive. but as soon as that happens we will have this Baja 5B, out with a full running video to see who's Baja is better in the competition between DarkSharks Baja 5T and myself.

If you haven't seen Darksharks Baja 5T yet head over to his channel to see more!

Parts Used in this video -

-Proline Racing Bowtie Rear tires -

-Proline Racing Beadlock Rear Wheels -

-GPM Rear Hubs -

-MadMax Driveshafts -

-MadMax Steering Assembly -

-GPM Rear Shock Tower - "not available currently"

-RPM Rear Control arms -

-Engine Chrome Kit -

-Dominator exhaust pipe -

-GPM Clutch bell -

-GPM clutch bell holder -

-GPM Roof scoop -

-Carbon fiber rear shock tower brace -

-Carbon fiber lower rear brace -

-Carbon fiber front lower brace -

-Carbon Fiber Upper deck brace -

-Carbon Fiber engine mount -

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Music Used in the video -
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