Friday, June 24, 2016

Pro-Line Racing Pro-2 Custom Drift Truck First Initial Testing

Today is the day you all have been asking for! The first initial run of the Proline Racing Pro-2 Drift truck!

Today video is mostly me practicing with this truck and learning how it maneuvers and operates. Thier is still A LOT of tuning and adjustments that need to be made however i do plan to continue testing every change and seeing if their is an improvement in making it slide better around corners or not.

Here are some specs on the truck that you are watching in this video. This is a Proline Racing Pro-2 Short Course Truck chassis, with a 2600kv hobby Star brushless motor with an, 120AMP ESC. I only used one battery for this entire run. Which was a MaxAmps 6400MAH 3s Lipo battery. The tires used were Pro-Line Racing Road Rage street tires. Feel free to visit the links below to learn more about the parts installed in this truck!

Proline Racing Pro-2 SCT -

Proline racing Chevy Silverado Body -

Proline racing Road Rage tires -

MaxAmps 6400MAH 3s Lipo -

Hobby Star 2600kv Motor -

Hobby Star 120AMP ESC -

Check out the build video series to learn even more!

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