Friday, July 8, 2016

Losi Mini Coop WRC 1/5 Scale - Engine Break In & First Run!

Check it out! I finally got the opertunity to break in the 29cc gas motor from this insane monster of an RC! Don't mind the little humor i add in the video as well. ;)

The Losi Mini Cooper WRC fifth scale truck is definitely an absolute blast to drive. The handling of the truck is far superior to that of any other RC truck or car i have ever driven. Everything down to the drive train and tuning of this truck i feel is dead on. So come check out how i break in this motor with a little action video near the end showing off the truck!

In between runs i had the opertunity to run my Chroma Camera Drone to get some sick aerial footage that you will see in the next video as well as my son got to drive his RC truck and bash on it a little as well. I hope you guys enjoy!

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