Friday, July 1, 2016

Proline Racing Pro-MT Bashing Featuring Badland MX 2.8 Tires

The Pro-Line Racing Badland MX 2.8 Tires are just insane! Come have a look for yourself, with this epic bashing video i put together!

These Badland MX tires are some of the best off road bashing tires i have ever had the pleasure of using. The resemble tires off of an actual motocross bike. With the large knobby tire your guaranty to get some sick wheelies and huge rooster tails with these!

Don't forget if you want to order a set of these Badland MX 2.8 wheels. Make sure you use the coupon code RCOVERLOAD10 at to save your self 10%!

Pro-Line Racing Badland MX 2.8 tires -
Pro-Line Racing Pro-MT -

Click here to watch the Pro-MT build series to know what has been done to this indestructible bashing truck.

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