Friday, August 12, 2016

Two Axial SCX10 JK's & SCX10 II XJ - Off Road Adventure?!

Today I met up with one of my good fellow YouTube friends Joe from JPRC and Bret, which most of you know him from some of my previous videos. We decided to meet up at a massive pit with a ton of RC trucks to mess around with.

In this video we took out are SCX10's and joe's SCX10 II for some insane hill climbing expedition, witch you will see in the first section of the video. Once we made it to the top it was time to come back down the hill. However i decided to change it up a bit and challenge myself as a film maker and a driver. I positioned myself way beyond what most people would do when in a crawling situation to try and get a massive overview of the whole area. as you will see in the video i definitely had some difficulties trying to see my SCX10 go down the hill. but non the less i was able to do it and film it all for you!

After the hill expedition we decided just to mess around on the SCX10's and beat on them a little just for fun. as you will see at he end of the video these trucks took more then just a little abuse wile we tried to climb an impossible hill...

Non the less we had an absolute blast that day! and very special thanks goes out to Joe from JPRC and Bret for making this day an unforgettable one!

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