Friday, September 9, 2016

Axial SCX10 II 2000 Jeep Cherokee Kit Unboxing & Overview

Axial Racing has recently come out with a completely updated and overhauled Version of the original SCX10! The SCX10 II 2000 Jeep Cherokee is nothing short of quality and scale appearance! In today's video we do an unboxing of the new SCX10 II, too show everyone what they can expect when getting the new SCX10.

In the video you will notice that i have already built the SCX10 II a head of time as i wanted to really show everyone the finished product. I mean common... Who really enjoys an unboxing with bags of parts. ;)

Listed below are some of the highlights about the new version SCX10 that really defined it as a scale crawler and shows massive performance improvements over its older version!

*Outside appearance facts.*
- Comes with JRC Offroad roof rack, front and rear bumpers, and adjustable rock sliders. All of witch are made of a harden plastic.
-The front bumper features a location to install a winch and  LED light buckets
- Comes with a scale plastic front grill with the option of adding LED lights
-Scale plastic mirrors, door handles and rear hatch trim piece.
- The wheels are 1.9 Method Racing non beadlock plastic wheels with 1.9 BFG T/A KO2 A/t tires.

*Chassis Features*
- New battery Location above the front wheels with 3 adjusters in the tray for different types of batteries as well as a strap to hold it in place.
-Waterproof receiver box
- Electric motor and transmission sits lower in the chassis then before.
- Re-Designed support braces
- Chassis also features a wire run channel with optional attachments to clean up wire routing.

*Suspension Features*
- Comes with 90MM Scale Icon shocks all around
- 4 link suspension in the rear and 3 link suspension setup in the front
- (CMS) Chassis mounted servo setup
- Adjustable wheels base for 12.3/12.0/11.4 inches
- Steering has up to a 45 deg. steering angle in both directions

*Drivetrain Features*
- entire drivetrain comes with metal gears
- Transmission has a new scale appearance ( Bell housing, Trans pan, and new transfer case)
- 56 tooth spur gear and a 15 tooth pinion gear with a 32 pitch setup.
- New AR44 Hi-Pinion axles ( Hi-Pinion means the pinion gear sits higher up on the pumkin for better gear contact and reduced torque twist)
- Gears have a 3.75 gear ration verses the old stile had 2.92. This was also necessary for reduced torque twist.

*Electronics that I installed*
-Tekin 35T brushed motor
- Holmes Hobby 80AMP ESC
- Spektrum S6230 servo ( Produces 311oz of torque with a turning speed of 0.14sec)
- Batteries will all be a 2s Li-Po mixed between some MaxAmps and GensAce batteries.

Looking to get one yourself? Order one up today here -

Watch the complete unboxing video below to see everything that makes this SCX10 II so great!