Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Axial SCX10 II Jeep Cherokee 4x4 Trail Truck Unforgettable First Adventure Video

The Axial SCX10 II 2000 Jeep Cherokee heads out for its first adventure, as my fiance and myself certainly pushed its limits... or better known as bash on it hard. ;)

Between both Jess and I we take turns filming and driving the jeep threw a local wooded area. I myself enjoyed the scale realism of the truck but of course she had to make sure it was durable enough as well! In the video you will also find myself having a few minor accident...One in particular is spilling my coffee all over the jeep... it was certainly a sad moment. but non the less it was an absolute blast testing the SCX10 for the first time!

Ill certainly say this... Axial did one heck of a job building up this new SCX10 platform. For suck a stock rig it certainly handles better then anything i have ever driven before. It is very well balanced and seems to handle most everything in its path. The scale looks of this jeep is certainly unforgettable as its coming down the trail!

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Were can you find this SCX10 II Kit version?

And here you can find the RTR version as well!

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Holmes Hobby ESC -
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Gens Ace 2s 5000MAH Li-Po -

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