Saturday, September 3, 2016

Horizon Hobby Blade 200QX Drone Unboxing & Overview

Recently I have been getting more and more involved in the world of drones, helicopters and planes. As it is an entirely different side to the hobby that I already know and enjoy. My specialty has always been off road trucks. Whether it be, bashing or scale trail trucks I have always had four wheels safely planted on the ground. But my own personal curiosity about aircraft's has led me to emerge myself into this other world that seems to show no limits or boundaries!

With that being said I have already owned for some times now, two other horizon hobby drones. My first being the Chroma camera drone 1080p for gathering amazing footage in the air, and the second drone is one that i can mostly enjoy indoors. The Blade Inductrix, which has been highly modified already for future use of FPV flying.

However today I wanted to expand my horizons a bit, and so I picked up an already well known and amazing flying drone, the Horizon Hobby Blade 200QX. This is a micro drone designed for indoor and outdoor use. It is capable of flying at high speed and can perform aerobatic maneuvers with a special set of blades to handle those flips and acrobatics. Now before we carry on about everything that makes this drone so great for any drone enthusiasts, lets do a little unboxing and overview of the 200QX.

On the front side of the box you will notice that this is a Bind-N-Fly version. What that means is that it dose not come with a transmitter as you will need your own 6 channel transmitter to fly this. I currently own the Spektrum DX6. So picking up the Bind-N-Fly version for a little cheaper then the Ready to Fly version, was a no brainer to me to save a few bucks were i can. The 200QX comes with SAFE Technology. Three flight modes which we will get into a little later on, Brushless motors and LED lights to help not only see it better, but to give you proper heading when flying.

Like i had mentioned previously. The 200QX drone is a micro drone... In a sense... The overall length is 5.60", Width is 5.60", Height is - 3.74" and the overall weight is 0.42lbs. So it isn't certainly as small as my Inductrix, But its definitely considered "micro" next to the Chroma. As you can see in the picture below. (Shhhh.... I know its a picture of the drone out of the box before we even opened it. But that's just the power of pictures! )

Included in the box is the drone itself, a 800MAH 2s lipo battery, and a basic battery charger. Thier are also some tools, hardware, and extra props that come inside the box as well.

 I also wanted to mention that the motors that are installed on this drone are four 3000kv brushless motors. The canopy is a white translucent plastic body, which dose allow the led lights to glow threw so you can see the drone better in darker situations as well as it aids in the heading of were the drone is going.

Now let talk about the three flight modes this drone can perform.

First being the Camera mode, which allows you too hook up horizon hobbys EFC-721 HD camera
( ) to the underside of the drone so you can take pictures and video wile your in the air. Within this mode the drone has very limited angels when flying to help keep the footage as smooth as possible.

The next flight mode is Stability Mode, this will give you slightly more flying angels to get a much faster speed then before without feeling like you going to loose control of the drone. It will also self level when their are no inputs being applied to the transmitter, and the drone transitions its maneuvers in a smooth manner as well.

The last mode is Agility Mode. This is like giving a monkey free roam in the wild with several cups of coffee.... Well maybe not the excessive... But still, the drone has no angle limits and can maneuvers at very high speeds as well as perform tricks with the correct props installed. (More on this Later)

When you first open up the box you will find the instructions manual, Lithium Ion Battery Safety instructions and guidelines ( Which i highly recommend everyone read and memorize), some tools, hardware and a balance extension lead. If you picked up the bind and fly version it will also come with a Spektrum Transmitter Setup Sheet. This way you know how to properly setup the drone too your transmitter and have it fly correctly with the correct settings applied. IF you Bought the Ready To Fly version, you wont need to worry about this step unless you want to bind your drone to a newly bought spektrum transmitter. In which case you can always download the PDF file right from horizons hobby's website, to show how to connect and setup everything to your transmitter.

After removing the top half of the Styrofoam cover and the Instructions Manuel you will see everything else in the box. The Drone its self, the battery, charger, spare props, another tool, and the landing gear. You will also notice that the landing gear will need to be installed onto the drone before your first flight. ( It can be flown without them, however its recommended that until you are comfortable flying your drone, that you use the supplied landing gear to prevent possible damage when taking off or landing.

Here you can see the Basic charger for the battery. This is E-Flight's Celectra Li-Po Charger. Its a basic little charger that comes with almost every micro plane, helicopter, or drone. It will do good enough for a couple of charges. But i highly recommend investing in a decent charger that will charge in 1/3 of the time that it takes this little bundle of joy to do so.

O and before i forget, this charges threw the balance plug on your battery.

Here is the battery that comes with the 200QX mini drone. Its a 2s 7.4V 800MAH Li-Po battery. You can average about 5-7 minutes of flight time on a single charge before needing to charge it again.
(Please read you instructions manual on how to properly store and care for your Li-Po battery)

It also has a 1C charge rate which equals out to be approximately .6 - .8 Amps. On the first charge it took almost 30 minutes to charge this battery with my basic Traxxas Li-Po charger on a .7 Amp charge. ( I was not using the supplied Celectra Charger.)

O and encase you couldn't tell, the part number to get more of these batteries...because you know darn well your gonna want more then just one...Believe me you will... is - EFLB8002sJ ( )

Your Welcome ;)

Before we get too a head of are selves here, I wanted to point out that this plastic nut driver tool is used for two things. The smaller nut driver end is too tighten and loosen the nuts holding the props to the motor. I recommend checking tightness before your first flight and before every flight as i did find the nuts on my drone to be a little loose right out of the box. The larger nut driver end is too either tighten or loosen the large nut underneath each of the four motors. These nuts hold the motor to the drone itself.

Now remember those two screws that came in the very small package that you opened and probably just threw to the side... ya well its time to go find them and use them.

These two screws are going to be for the install of the plastic landing gear. The landing gear only go on one way. Each leg is designed to fit on either the left or right side of the drone so their isn't any confusion when installing them. As you can see from the image above, the screw goes right in the middle of the landing gear.

You may even notice that half way down when tightening the screw, its going to get REAL tight... Don't worry, that is normal. Just keep working the screw back and forth a couple of times to prevent from stripping the body of the drone. Once it gets past that halfway point their wont be an issue anymore.

Below are some pictures of the 200QX with the landing gear installed.

Note the prop colors and were they are located as well as the angle difference between the blades. I wonder why... Haha no I don't, I know why. But the real question is do you? ;)



Above from left side

Underneath the drone is were you will find the battery compartment along with the circuit board and all of those black square things mounted to the board with a ton of wires coming off. ;)

Also, don't panic! The battery tray is designed to come off..... almost a little to easily thought. Note the direction in which i have installed my battery to make the two connections as easily and quickly as possible. Your gonna want to plug the battery into the drone, close the battery cover and flip it right side up to calibrate the gyro in the drone. As it only allows for a certain amount of time before you half to unplug the battery and start over. Its really not as bad as it sounds thought. So not to worry.

I also decided to give a little bit of a size comparison by using a typical soda can as reference. Like i said...Is definitely small but not overly tiny.

Overall I'm very impressed with the way this drone is built even though its mostly plastic construction it feels like it can take some abuse and some of the crashes that i most likely will have caused by complete accident as i learn to fly it. Soon enough after a few hours of flying around the drone we will get into more of the acrobatic maneuvers and start learning how to fly this drone upside down.

Well fokes that is it for now. I hope this blog post about the Horizon Hobby Blade 200QX either inspired you to get one yourself or at the very most gave you an idea as to what comes with this drone and answered some questions that you may have had. If you still have any questions at all leave me a comment below in the comment box.

To Learn more about this drone head over to horizon

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