Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Proline Racing 1/25 Ambush 4x4 Mini Scale Crawler Unboxing / Overview

Proline Racing may have just taken a dive into the RC crawler industry by creating a mini 4x4 scale trail truck! This is the 1/25 scale Ambush micro crawler, named after and old out of date ambush body that Proline Racing had once created a few years back. Now don't let the size of this rig turn you away into thinking that it cant compete against any other micro crawler out their currently. The quality of this truck is certainly unbelievable in a truck this size! However before we get into tackling any sort of obstacle that we can find, lets do a little Overview and see what this truck is really all about.

*Feel free to check out the video below, at the bottom of this blog post to see the complete unboxing.

Taking a quick look at the box you can see that Proline Racing left a nice open viewing area on the front of the box to allow you to see in at the micro crawler its self. This is really a great idea because it allows you too see what it is your getting as well as all the detail on the truck. Threw out the rest of the box it gives you a complete overview of everything this crawler has to offer as well as all of its specs and information.

Talking about specs, lets get into how small this 1/25 scale micro crawler really is!

Length -7.8"
Width - 3.75"
Wheelbase - 4.52
Weight - 0.68Lbs

So in comparison to a 1/10 scale crawler... here is a picture of the 1/25 Ambush next to a 1/10 Axial SCX10 II

So yes, this micro crawler truly is small... However the detail and quality in parts is what really bring this rig to life.

Moving on from the size of this truck, lets talk about the body a little bit. The idea for the body came from Proline Racing very first rock crawling body they ever produced, called the Ambush. The micro crawler's body also comes with a molded scale drivers figure already painted with a highly detailed scale interior with plenty of stickers to make the inside of the Ambush body look truly scale. The body is a two piece body already pre-painted, featuring a plastic molded roll cage around the interior of the body and has a normal body thickness of 0.40, Which is very common to find on 1/10 scale truck bodies.

Proline also provides optional sicker colors that you can add to the body if you ever want to change your color scheme up. It comes with Orange and green colors stripes and a few extra stickers as well. Currently all of the models come with blue stripes already applied. The body is also held on to the chassis of the truck with Velcro on both the front and rear sides, which seem to do a very good job at keeping it in place on the chassis.

Looking underneath the body you will find that it has a full Ladder frame chassis with black oxide coating for to help for long lasting abuse. As well as, chassis mounted bumpers that help protect everything without seeming to get in the way when crawling. The bumpers are made of a harden plastic that seem to be very durable and should hold up to some bashing on the trails just fine. They also installed a steel skid plate under the transmission for even more protection on the chassis.

The transmission is completely plastic as well as the drive shafts. However the truck comes with a solid axle front and rear setup. The axle are a worm gear designed to help with torque twist and creating the most power to the wheels.

The Ambush's suspension comes with a true front and rear leaf spring suspension system. Each leaf spring has 3 leafs packs that attaches to the shackles just like a full size setup. The shocks are a friction style shock, meaning that they don't have any outside springs. Rather a spring on the inside of the shock body that doesn't require oil. The shock body is plastic, however moving the suspension around proves that this is a sold setup and doesn't feel like it will break right away.

The tires and wheels came from their 1.9 and 2.2 versions. The tires are a small, scaled down version of the flat iron's that use the same rubber compound as the larger versions to get the same sort of traction and grip when crawling. The tires don't come with foams as the truck doesn't weight enough for the need of foams. The wheels are again a scaled down version of the 1.9 Denali wheels that Proline offers. However the wheels are not a true bead lock setup, so instead the wheels and tires are glued together.

Now lets talk about the electronics used in this truck.

The ESC and receiver are built into one unit on the back side of the truck. This allows for less space to be taken up in such a small vehicle. The receiver has 3 ports build into it and you will find that the motor wires and battery wires, both mount together in the same white connector. The servo plugs into the receiver just like any other normal setup and the third spot is left open for future scale items to plug in.

The motor is a micro motor... about the size of my thumb. After doing some quick testing. The trucks little motor size dose not matter, as this little motor can certainly pull its weight in this truck without hesitation. The motor is brushed so water wont be a problem with that.

The battery & battery compartment is an almost sealed box style setup. Proline has provided their own battery to use with this truck witch just clicks into the inside of the box using a balance style plug on the front of the truck. The battery is a 380MAH 2s li-Po, and according to a Proline racing live feed on Facebook. They were estimating about 45 minutes of run time. If your just strictly crawling you can see almost an hour of run time if not slightly more... Where if you are flat out on the throttle you can see about 30 minutes of run time roughly. Which isn't bad at all for such a small battery and truck.

The controller that Proline proveds with this truck is in my honest opinion a great high quality RTR transmitter. Its size is just under a full size transmitter and has a ton of great features built into it. You can adjust throttle and steering positions as well as turn limits. My favorite feature about this truck is that on the transmitter, their is a selector for different speeds that you can use on the truck. ( Low, Med., High) On low the truck only moves at 50% power. Medium, the truck moves at 75% power and of course at high the truck moves at 100% power. Its great to have a selector like that to allow anyone the ability to drive this truck and or just have fun crawling around or even bashing around depending on the speed settings.

The servo is a non waterproof servo. but it dose produce 9 grams of torque witch seems to be plenty for a truck this size. the servo is a normal micro servo found mostly in the use of airplanes. The steering linkage is also made of a harden plastic witch seems to have little to no bending under any circumstance.

Now the electronics are not waterproof at all. but Proline did mention that the electronics can handle a little bit of splashing. So if your running threw some wet grass or a wet dirt road its should be a problem. just don't submerge the truck or it could lead into some serious issues.

Well that's it for now, feel free to watch the unboxing video below! Dont forget to subscribe to RC Overloads YouTube Channel to see this little mini crawler in action! If you have any questions or comments about this truck feel free to hit us up below in the comments section!

To learn more about the 1/25 Ambush 4x4 mini scale crawler, head over to Proline Racing website! - https://www.prolineracing.com/ambush4x4

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