Friday, September 16, 2016

RC4WD Gelande II 1/18 Scale Micro Crawler Unboxing & Overview Video

Another micro crawler! the RC4WD Gelande II 1/18 scale is certainly one to impress. With so much detail in this truck it makes for a very realistic micro crawler.

Today on RC Overload we unbox this micro crawler so you can get an idea of what to expect when you first get one. I have listed below some of the features of this truck as their is certainly a lot of them!

I have also been told and seen that the motor isn't the strongest for this little truck, and a lot of people have already done some modifying with other setups to make this truck a bit more capable. You can expect to see some of those upgrades on the glenade II soon!

To learn more about this truck head over to RC4WD -

I hope you guys enjoy!

-All New R5 1/24 Mini Cast Transmissions
Total Gear Ratio: 15 : 1
Pinion Gear: 80P  10T

-G2 Truck Dimensions
Wheels base: 130.75mm (5.115")
Width: 108.08mm (4.3")
Height: 120.53mm (4.7")
Ground clearance: 30.74mm (1.21")
Final Drive Ratio: 38.2:1
Weight: 1.14Lbs / 520g

- Comes with the D90 Defender plastic hard body set.
- Body is mounted using four screws.
- D90 Body is paintable and is highly detailed for scale appearance
- Chassis is all aluminum including, front bumpers, cross braces, and shock towers.
- Shock are 40MM oil filled with a dual rate spring setup. ( Oil cannot be changed)
- Front and rear four link suspension.
- Chassis mounted servo for more scale appearance.
- R5 scale transmission.
- Steel driveshafts.
- Steel internal gears threw out the truck.
- Both front and rear axles are the Yota II 1/24 axle set.
- Wheels and tires are a 1" setup.
- Wheels are a steel beadlock setup.
- Tires are Dirt Grabbers A/T with the X3 compound and filled with foam insterts.
- Comes with XR2 micro transmitter.
- RC4WD 7.4v 850MAH 2s Li-Po batter for long run times
- Servo is a 9gram micro servo.

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Check out some pictures taken from the unboxing!

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