Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Horizon Hobby Blade 230 s Helicopter First Flight

After anxiously waiting to take the Blade 230 s helicopter out. I finally had my chance, after having a day with light winds. Check out my first flight with the 230 s, as i run threw two battery packs all to learn how this helicopter works and feels when its flying.

This flight mode that i was flying in, was the Stability Mode. This will allow the helicopter self level out when no commands are present. Even though i had one accidental crash from fighting the wind, the 230 s seems to be a very durable little helicopter. It took right back off again like nothing ever happen.

Overall this helicopter is a lot easier to fly then i was expecting. Al tho the throttle dose seem to be a bit sensitive for my experience level, its something that i just need to practice with as with everything. It just comes with more flight time and practice.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Be on the look out for more helicopter flying videos in the near future as i become more experienced flying the Horizon Hobby Blade 230 s.

Here is an over view of the Night 230 s Helicopter. This was taken from Horizon Hobby's website. http://www.horizonhobby.com/night-230-s-bnf-basic-with-safe-technology-blh1550

Key Features

  • Brilliant LED frame, vertical fin and main blade lighting
  • SAFE® technology makes helicopter flight more fun
  • Progressive flight modes help you build aerobatic skills quickly
  • Panic Recovery mode can recover the heli to a level attitude
  • Collective pitch rotor system with flybarless mechanics
  • Brushless main and tail motors for great power and response
  • Spektrum AR636 DSMX® receiver with AS3X® heli technology
  • Durable, digital high-speed cyclic servos with metal gears
  • Removable 1S Li-Po main blade batteries and USB charger included
  • Streamlined canopy that's lightweight with a vivid color scheme
  • Tough, yet lightweight airframe with impact resistant ABS rotor blades
  • Accepts compact 800-900mAh 3S Li-Po flight battery packs
  • Long flights of up to 6-minutes are possible

Blade Night 230 s - http://go.magik.ly/ml/24e8/

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