Sunday, October 23, 2016

Losi Mini Cooper WRC 1/5 Scale Backyard Bashing & Jumping

Yesterday my good friend and I decided to break out the Losi Mini Cooper WRC 1/5 scale gas truck and mess around in the backyard. However, It wasn't long before we got the idea to start jumping it of a plastic ramp i picked up specifically for launching my RC trucks.

Well lets just say...watching a fifth scale RC truck fly in the air, is nothing more then extraordinary to watch. I did capture all the running footage on my phone as i wasn't prepared to film what i ended up filming that day. So i had to use what i could. Also we had some minor tuning issues that later on i discovered was due to a bad fuel line.

Either way it was an absolute blast messing around with the Losi fifth scale truck just in the backyard.

Stick around for more Losi fifth scale bashing here in the future!

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