Friday, October 21, 2016

RC4WD Gelande II 1/18 Scale Micro Crawler

Today we take out the RC4WD Gelande II 1/18 Scale micro crawler out for its first maiden voyage to see really what it was capable of doing.

Even thought the Brushed motor dose not have much if any torque at all. The micro crawler is still a blast to bomb around on the trails. As you will see in the video it dose do a decent job at getting over some obstacles, but i have a few ideas in the works to really turn this into a true off road scale micro crawler.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video today and be on the lookout for more videos on this truck and soon to have an upgrade video serries as well.

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For more information on the 1/18 Scale RC4WD Gelande II. Head over to to see everything this little truck has to offer.

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