Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Axial SCX10 II - ProLine Racing Hyrax 1.9 Tires and Dual Stage Foam Inserts

Lets add some new rubbers to the Axial SCX10 II with Pro-Line Racing's new tire the Hyrax 1.9's. Wile were at it lets replace the stock foams with their new dual stage foam inserts and Faultline beadlock wheels!

ProLine Racing has recently come out with a brand new set of tires and foams for your scale crawler. The foams come in 1.9 and 2.2 sizes and you can get the option of having a single stage foam insert or a dual stage foam insert.

Today i decide to try out my first set of dual stage foam inserts with these new Hyrax 1.9 tires to really see what it can do for the Axial SCX10 II. The new Hyrax tires feature an aggressive tread pattern design with a lot of sips, to aid in better grip with navigating difficult terrain or obstacles. The dual stage foams will allow the tire to have a better supported sidewall function wile still allowing the tire to flex and grab.

For more information on these tires, wheels and foams head over to the links below! Don't forget to save 10% at ProlineRacing.com, using the coupon code RCOVERLOAD10

1.9 Hyrax Tires -  https://www.prolineracing.com/tires/hyrax-1.9-g8-rock-terrain-truck-tires/

1.9 Dual Stage Foam Inserts - https://www.prolineracing.com/foam/1.9-dual-stage-closed-cell-inner/soft-outer-rock-crawling-foam-inserts/

1.9 FaultLine Beadlock Wheels - https://www.prolineracing.com/wheels/faultline-1.9-black/black-bead-loc-10-spoke-front-or-rear-wheels/

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