Friday, November 11, 2016

Learning To Fly Heli's : Pt 3 - Blade 230S Helicopter - Open Field Flying With SAFE

The Blade 230s 3D helicopter has been so much fun to learn how to fly with. Only having about 20 flights run threw the helicopter (20 battery packs) so far, it was time to take advantage of the nice calm day today and fly this micro heli down at an open field to really see what its capable of and not have to worry about hitting any trees or obstacles in my small backyard.

I was flying this blade 230s on beginner mode (Safe activated) with high rates selected. Next time we will venture into intermediate mode without the help of the safe technology to aid us from falling out of the sky.....That could get interesting... so make sure your ready to see some interesting flying. ;)

Blade 230s 3D aerobatic Helicopter -

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