Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Traxxas Spartan First Run 4s Lipo Choppy Waters

Today is the first day i get to test out the Traxxas Spartan!

When i first arrived the water was completely calm. However in the time it took me to set up everything the winds had turned against me and ended up making the water a bit choppy. I was a good thing i only was able to charge up my two 2s Li-Po batteries for this run. Most of the run i was only able to comfortably run it at half throttle. But i still do manage to give it a few good full throttle runs. Hearing and seeing this boat screaming past me on 4s is a thrill on its own. I cant wait now to see what it can do on a 6s Li-Po setup! All thought i will need some calmer waters before doing that, and with winter quickly approaching it may half to hold off a for a couple of months.

I did end up finding some water inside the boat after the run. but we also discovered the bottom seal for the prop shaft did not seat correctly and was allowing the water to enter. the seal around the roof seems to hold perfectly as their was no water sitting on top of the electronics.

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