Friday, November 4, 2016

Traxxas Spartan RC Boat Enters The RC Overload Studio!

Look at what i got my hands on this past week! I picked up this Traxxas Spartan RC Boat fairly cheap from a good friend of mine. It was hardly used and sat most of the time on his shelf. Wile he new that i made videos he offered it up to me, and of course i couldn't refuse as this was one of the many RC boats i wanted to get my hands on since the day i saw them!

The Traxxas Spartan Boat has been out for quite some time. This model specifically is an older version as it uses the old style traxxas transmitter and receiver. However most of the electronics and design of this boat is the same as the newer versions. This boat is a 36" V-Hull design witch features Castle Creations Brushless motor and ESC. Capable of pushing it towards 50+ miles per hour with the optional dual 3s lipo batteries.

So far i went a head and did a complete service and tear down of the boat to make sure it was fully functional. I replaced the Water cooling tubing and the rubber grommets on the back side to prevent leaking. I also went a head and replaced the stock drive strut to Traxxas upgrades Drive Strut with ball bearings. The prop is an aftermarket prop and honestly im not sure what size it is.

Stay tuned for more running videos of this boat and future upgrades!

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