Friday, January 13, 2017

RC4WD 1/18 Gelande II: Suspension and Drivetrain Mods

The RC4WD 1/18 Gelande II is an incredible scale micro crawler. However.... With all of that scale appearance it dose lack some function in its suspension and drivetrain.

Today I go over four different tips to help improve the overall performance of this micro truck!

The first thing that i did, was too replace all the stock grease in the differentials with some thicker and better quality grease. Cow RC's Udder Butter. To learn more about their grease click the link below. With the help of much thicker grease it allows the gears to grab smoother and have less play.

Next i went a head and shimmed the pinions with a 3mm flat washer. This allowed the gears to mesh smoother for better throttle response and less wear on the gears.

Moving on the the suspension system. I noticed the truck did not have a lot of flex. I discovered that the lower control arms were binding preventing the suspension system to move the way it should. Be re positioning them on to the inside mounts of the axles, this allowed for a lot more play and movement in the suspension system.

Lastly i noticed the truck was very bouncy and after discovering their was no oil in the shocks, nor could their be. I decided to add some more udder butter grease into the shock bodies to help create a little more resistance and smoother operation.

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