Friday, April 7, 2017

Bret Buys A 20$ Used Traxxas Stampede?

Today Bret and I head out for a different type of an adventure. Since taking some time off from the videos and being sick, i came up with an idea to incorporate some Vblog style videos once in a wile into my videos.

With that being said, We ended up hitting up a new local hobby store, Wreckless Hobbies to get more parts to fix up bret's Axial SCX10 and he also scores a decent Traxxas stampede for 20 bucks from a local trade. Al tho this stampede is old....I mean common its still running the original Traxxas XL-1 ESC. His plans are to bring it back to life a little with some new electronics and make a basic bashing truck. The coolest thing about this truck is the clear servo? ive never seen that before!

Anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this video and please let me know what you think, as this was my first time doing a video like this and i really enjoyed doing it!

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