Sunday, April 9, 2017

First Test Flight Of My Blade 450 3D Helicopter

Most of you have been really enjoying my helicopter flying videos as of late. Witch has been awesome and i cant wait to show you more this year. However i came across this old video of my Blade 450 3D that i picked up last year and i completely forgot to edit it and put it all together for you guys to check out.

In this video, this was the very first time i attempted to fly the blade 450 3D. my previous experience with helicopter included flying my Blade 120SR about 50 times or so, the Blade 230s about maybe 10 times and then i attempted to fly this!

Feel free to watch and check it out. most of the flying was basic hovering and a little bit of flight in the backyard as i wasn't sure mechanically if it was sound or not and i wasn't sure how well it would fly to begin with. Thier will be more on this guys soon, I promise!

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