Sunday, May 21, 2017

RC Slipper Clutch Systems Simple Overview - How To Adjust, How They Work & More!

Today on RC Overload, I discuss how to go about adjusting your slipper clutch, how it works, and Issues you may come across.

Slipper Clutches are found on every single electric RC car and truck, and their designed to help protect the drivetrain on you RC. They work by allowing the initial power from the motor to slip for a brief moment before engaging the rest of the drivetrain. Without the slipper clutch system in place, you would end up replacing a lot more parts a lot sooner. Brushed and brushless motors produce a lot of torque verses typical gas and nitro engines. So Manufactures needed to come up with a way to help soften the initial torque that's produced by the electric motor itself.

Here are a couple of tips that might help you when it comes to adjusting your slipper clutch.

1 - Always refer to your owners manual for specific adjustment setting on the clutch.
2 - On high traction surfaces like pavement, its best if you loosen the slipper clutch slightly.
3 - On surfaces like dirt and gravel its ok to tighten up the slipper clutch some as the tires will give out on the gravel causing the drive train system to less likely break from the initial load of the motor.
4 - Always check your locking nut in the slipper clutch. more often then not i have come across lock nuts that wear out and become loose causing all sorts of issues for the slipper clutch.
5 -  Don't hesitate to mess around with the adjustments to learn what setting works best for your driving style and the surface your driving on.

Thanks for watching and hopefully this helped ya somewhat!

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