Friday, July 21, 2017

Sakura D4 & Proline Racing Pro-MT On Road Parking Lot Fun!

A couple weeks ago i asked you guys on Facebook what you wanted to see next? the Pro-line Racing Pro-Mt or the Sakura D4. Well since it was an even vote i decided to just bring both RC's out and see what i could make of that adventure. The only real problem was that i had only 2 batteries and one transmitter for both vehicles. Haha... Regardless i was able to make something great of that day and i hope you guys enjoyed the video.

I would have filmed so much more, however i ran into some issues with both rigs. The Pro-Mt lost its pinion gear as the set screw came loose and is now missing. The Sakura D4 right Rear upper shock mount screw also came loose and is now gone... Haha its always something!

Not to worry ill get them bolth fixed in no time!

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