Friday, December 8, 2017

Axial SCX10 II Trail Run & The Holidays Are Here!

For the past few days i have been trying to get back into making videos for everyone, considering i have been absent for the past month. So instead of planning anything i decided to just whip out the camera and start filming!

Since its now December i figured it would be appropriate to put up a small Xmas in the studio. And i'm hoping you guys will join in on the festivities. If you would like to put something up on the tree feel free to shoot me a message for more info.

And to finish off the video i had recently picked up a new set of Tires and wheels for the Axial SCX10 II. And of course i had to go and try them out on a little trail run adventure!

Below are the links for both of those.

OX RC Parts -

Proline racing BFG Tires -

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Canon Vixia G20 –
GoPro Hero 3 Silver –
GoPro Lens Kit –
Gorilla Pod –
Soft Box Lights -
Camera Slider  -
Fluid Head –


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(10 % Coupon Code – RCOVERLOAD10)


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